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  • Название песни: swag
  • Исполнитель: KFC NIGGERS
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Текст песни
Intro-Tim Wise
At some point, whether or not black folks
Should use the word or a derivation of the word
Ending in "A" - that's a black conversation
And white folks and anyone who isn't black, I think
Should just basically stay out of that conversation
And let black folk deal with it, but we have to recognize
That for us, there's a history, there's a context
And it's not our job to help black people reclaim the word
I've heard white people say that "we're gonna help 'em
Reclaim the word as a way to fight!" If you want to fight
Racism, march in a police station

Everybody in my city pushing keys and that's all these kids see
If that's the only thing they hear then that's
The only thing they'll be, we call it: "Swag, swag, swag!"
We call it "Swag, swag, swag!"
The homies is busting slugs, the women is shaking ass
The white girls call us "nigga" and
We just sit back and laugh and call it "Swag, swag, swag!"
We call it: "Swag, swag, swag!"

Verse 1
I am no preacher, bitch I'm a teacher
More like a thinker, dreamer, believer-pick one
A thousand albums came out last year and I ain't get one
Cause these boys looking like man-tan
I make hits like Grand Slam
Never had a problem keeping up
These boys songs sound weak as fuck
I ain't thinking about easing up, I'm going hard
Til my lease is up and my time will be creeping up
It's only right that I tell 'em (tell 'em)
Don't buy into everything that these rappers are selling (selling)
Thinking that they winning, but really
These niggas failing your people
And need to feeding evil to the streets who made you
Raised you on great food, my Mama didn't raise no dummy
I'll never let a motherfucker think for me
Tell a bitch that its 'bout to get fugly
'bout to hit the game harder than some then some rugby


Verse 2
Is anybody on the next level with me?
I'm hearing niggas dissing God, y'all think it's witty
I ain't laughing, we don't play in Mississippi
Even when I was broke, selling my soul wasn't tempting
Let a white cop shoot a black kid
You'll see a few tweets, that's it
He'll march for a minute, that's it
Get a new outfit and a dance like this:
Cook! Swag! Woo! Cook! Swag! Woo!
Black kid dead and ain't nobody mad
They won't speak the truth, these niggas been scared
Call my flow the pudding, the proof's in there
I say the shit they say I shouldn't, I ain't never cared
I been everywhere, (?)
I brought a couple of slugs to yo hood, pray I don't leave 'em there
I hope that you don't give me a reason, double dare
I'm hard to scare, I'm what they fear, a black planet

Клип Niggas Love KFC!

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